2023 Growing Season Trial Results

2023 Growing Season Trial Results

In 2023 we complimented our paddock scale trials with a small plot factorial randomised-blinded trial run by AgXtra

This will run through to the end of 2024 where a wheat-lentil rotation will be assessed for grain yield and quality.

NWB is contracting Elders to monitor growth performance through the growing seasons

We used variable atmospheric resistance index (VARI) as a correlate for biomass

2023 also saw NWB expand our paddock scale trials in cereals and legumes. These trials produced consistently positive benefits for producers across a range of soil types. Return on investment ranged from 12X to 24X. 60% increases in root mass across cereals were observed.




Direct analysis of roots taken from cereals and lentils grown from inoculated seeds showed significant colonisation rates (49%-65%) compared to control plant roots (15%). This result directly links higher yields at harvest to grain inoculation prior to sowing.