NewWave Biotech

Securing the world's food supply.

NewWave Biotech provides solutions to rapidly growing issues faced by farmers around the world.

Our vision is agricultural sustainability.

To grow greater volumes of produce, that contain higher levels of nutrition, requiring only minimal inputs compared to today's standards of practice.

Our Products

Combining our products will result in healthy, highly efficient root zones that more efficiently turn light and CO2 into higher quality food with less water use, less tilling of the soil and more carbon stored in the ground.


How can NewWave products help on my farm?

AM-inoc and CO2Smash with their ability to hold, synthesize and transfer water and unrealised nutrients make them an invaluable tool for smart farmers.

Can NewWave products help with carbon capture?

Roots inoculated with AM-inoc mycorrhizal fungi will produce "Glomalin".

Glomalin is a powerful carbon trap and can hold carbon in the soil for 100's of years.

Will using NewWave products save me money?

AM-inoc's mycorrhizal Hyphae extend many metres beyond a plant's normal root zone, processing and harvesting water and unrealized nutrients back to the plant, combining with CO2Smash creates a strong and resilient plant that requires less water and inputs saving you money.