AMinoc is Smart Fungi that helps plants Capture & Store Carbon.

AMinoc is a unique blend of Smart Fungi. Aminoc helps with bioprotection along with the capture and storage of Carbon. It is suitable for any plant and soil type.

AMinoc transports minerals and moisture from the soil to plants; increasing health, soil stability, and reducing inputs required. AMinoc is responsible for a variety of the soil's functionality; breaking down contamination, and organic matter, improving plant establishment and attracting the right bacteria into the rhizosphere when required. Applying AMinoc drastically improves every aspect of the soil and plant's health.

AMinoc stabilises the soil & boosts produce

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Increased Root System Absorption

AMinoc provides the numerous benefits of the beneficial fungi symbiosis, the species selected in Aminoctm are for maximum effect. The most important benefit being the reduction in fertiliser requirements, particularly phosphorus.

This is achieved through an increased root surface area of approximately 800%, the ability of these organisms to excrete extracellular carbon rich acids similar to fulvic or humic acids, and allow the break down of normally unavailable nutrients.

AMinoc FAQ

What are the commercial application rates of Aminoc and CO2Smash for Broadacre, Orchard/Vineyards, Horticulture, Hydroponics or Seed Coat?


- 1KG AM-inoc/1LT CO2Smash at post-emergence

- 1KG AM-inoc/1LT CO2Smash at boot


- 1KG AM-inoc/1LT CO2Smash per hectare twice a year


- 2KG AM-inoc/2LT CO2Smash per hectare/per crop


- 1KG AM-inoc/1LT CO2Smash per 10,000lt tank


- 1KG AM-inoc per 1 tonne seed


*AM-inoc and CO2Smash can be applied via Foliar or Fertigation

*Mix AM-inoc well in bucket before adding to tanks

What are the household application rates for Aminoc and CO2Smash?

Mix 5 grams AM-inoc/ 5mls CO2Smash into 10 lt spray or watering can.

Apply frequently if desired or 4 times per year.


CO2Smash plus Aminoc – For extra protection and to maximise
nutrient efficiency we suggest you mix in Aminoc to give a boost to
the beneficial bacteria and fungi living in symbiosis with your roots.
Aminoc also allows the breakdown of insoluble nutrients, to cut
your fertiliser costs.