AMinoc our flagship Seed Bio Inoculant product, it's more than just excellent returns for farmers.

* Increases yield by up to 30%

* Increases quality

* Crops are more drought-resistant

* Dramatically increases root zone by over 50%

* Reduces the impact of bad soil microbes ( bacterial, fungal diseases)

* Increases carbon capture (long lived)

*ROI up to 25X

All this equals increased profitability and sustainability.

AMinoc is a combination of beneficial fungi that symbiotically help plants access nutrients and water as well as capturing & storing carbon in soil profiles.

AMinoc is a unique formulation of Smart Fungi that exponentially grow root zones and act as plant bioprotectants within soil profiles.

AMinoc is suitable for any plant and soil type.

AMinoc transports minerals and moisture from soil profiles outside of the plant's own root zone to colonized plants; increasing plant health, productivity, and soil health to make the most of the soil plants grow in. AMinoc reinjects much of the soil's biological functionality and nutrient cycling, improving plant establishment and attracting good bacteria into the rhizosphere.

AMinoc stabilises the soil & boosts produce

NewWave Biotech


Increased Root System Absorption

AMinoc provides the numerous benefits of the beneficial fungi symbiosis, the species formulated into Aminoc have been specifically selected for maximal effects in the broadest range of plants. The most important benefit being the efficient use of water and fertiliser and sharing of resources, particularly phosphorus.

This is achieved through an increased root surface area of approximately 800%, the ability of these organisms to excrete extracellular carbon rich acids similar to fulvic or humic acids, and allow the break down of normally unavailable nutrients.


Yielder plus Aminoc – For extra protection and to maximise
nutrient efficiency we suggest you mix in Aminoc to give a boost to
the beneficial bacteria and fungi living in symbiosis with your roots.
Aminoc also allows the breakdown of insoluble nutrients, to cut
your fertiliser costs.