CO2Smash – Plant stimulant

CO2Smash™ is an extremely bioactive concentrate that nourishes plants and encourages rapid growth. It contains policosanol, a naturally active compound found in nearly all plant species.

The growth creates more surface area that can absorb more light and CO2 setting off a self-fuelling cycle of improved growth and carbon sequestration.

CO2Smash Maximises Plant Growth and Resilience through Increased CO2 Intake.

Aminoc FAQ

How does CO2Smash work?

It works, just ask the gum trees.Nearly all plants have policosanol and related compounds in their cuticle waxes. Environmental factors, biotic and abiotic functions regulate their release. These compounds act as water and energy reserves, plants that produce them have an edge in harsh environments, as they can be metabolised for rapid growth.

Eucalypts are a prime example of this, they are one of the world’s fastest growing trees and they thrive in the harsh Australian environment where resources are often scarce. Unfortunately not all plants contain high levels of these compounds like the eucalyptus.

CO2Smash helps to overcome this obstacle by supplying plants with these natural compounds. Foliar application simulates a plant in the same way that a gum tree will quickly respond to the first seasonal rains.

What are the commercial application rates of Aminoc and CO2Smash for Broadacre, Orchard/Vineyards, Horticulture, Hydroponics or Seed Coat?


- 1KG AM-inoc/1LT CO2Smash at post-emergence

- 1KG AM-inoc/1LT CO2Smash at boot


- 1KG AM-inoc/1LT CO2Smash per hectare twice a year


- 2KG AM-inoc/2LT CO2Smash per hectare/per crop


- 1KG AM-inoc/1LT CO2Smash per 10,000lt tank


- 1KG AM-inoc per 1 tonne seed


*AM-inoc and CO2Smash can be applied via Foliar or Fertigation

*Mix AM-inoc well in bucket before adding to tanks

What are the household application rates for Aminoc and CO2Smash?

Mix 5 grams AM-inoc/ 5mls CO2Smash into 10 lt spray or watering can.

Apply frequently if desired or 4 times per year.


CO2Smash can be applied separately or mixed for the ultimate addition to fertiliser routines. We recommend applying it with Aminoc to unlock the full potential for your plants and soil biology.