About us

Introducing NewWave Biotech

Newwave Biotech provides solutions to rapidly growing issues faced by farmers around the world.

Our vision is agricultural sustainability. To grow greater volumes of produce, that contain higher levels of nutrition, requiring only minimal inputs compared to today's standards of practice.

Establishing sustainability is the best way to provide a better future in agriculture. And by focusing on the integrity of our products and ensuring the results are transparent and effective, we can curb the current global emissions problem using well-established ecological carbon capture and storage solutions.

Both organic and inorganic farming can require considerable labor, high-cost input and can often lead to non-reproducible results. Sustainability is achieved through continued remediation of soil, even in the situation of high input. Improving soil quality requires outside-the-box thinking and the latest science. Understanding what the soil is made up of and how it is being affected by the environment allows NewWave Agriculture to work closely with our customers to provide individual solutions for achieving the best results.

We aim to provide revolutionary products that achieve better results with less inputs, to set a new standard of quality in agriculture and remediation worldwide.

Our innovative approach to research and development has produced two unique products which provide outstanding results in all agricultural platforms by improving germination, growth, yield and plant health - all while reducing input requirements.

AMinoc and CO2Smash combat soil contamination, pathogens, disease, drought and salinity, issues that are responsible for $25 billion per year in crop losses.

We combines aspects of biological farming systems, carbon sequestration, remediation and waste management.